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The testing of a new male birth control pill means we are closer to producing effective oral contraception for men. 


On a recent morning in Los Angeles, Michael Medrano dabbed a teaspoon-sized glob of cold gel onto his shoulders. It’s just another part of his routine these days: Brush teeth, apply deodorant, comb hair, dab gel.

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Men, as CNN likes to point out, have “only two” choices for birth control — condoms or a vasectomy — whereas women have so many! And gosh, are they great.

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A male birth control pill passed early safety tests and looks promising, researchers said. But doctors noted that unknowns remain about the contraceptive – and the cultural hurdles it may face.


Many people are looking forward to a time when men will be able to take an oral contraceptive.

But there's a challenge with hormonal birth control: suppressing testosterone in men to super-low levels while avoiding the side effects of low hormone levels, such as changes in sexual function.

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[A]fter years of development, a revolutionary male contraceptive pill has passed initial stages of testing, bringing it one step closer to being a real life, viable option for family planning, and not just a fantastical concept.


A second male birth control pill succeeded in preliminary testing, suggesting that a new form of contraception may eventually exist.

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The challenge has been both biological and sociological

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From treating depression to helping manage alcohol addiction, researchers say legal medical “magic mushrooms” have many potential benefits.

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Melanie and Richard Lundquist celebrate with $70-million gift to biomedical institute.

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Team hopes to improve on 85% success of first study.  First study to focus on precise controlled protein expressions via bioelectric signaling sequences intended for mature blood vessel, muscle and nerve regeneration.  

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Yet another study shows that MDMA — a so-called party drug — could be a helpful component in therapy

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If approved, your sex life could get a whole lot more convenient.

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