Dr. Christina Wang Recognized for Being On the “Front Line” of Andrology

The American Society for Andrology (ASA) presented its highest honor, The Distinguished Andrologist Award for 2013, to Christina Wang, MD, a Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center (LA BioMed) lead researcher who specializes in the study of male reproductive health and disease.

The organization dedicated to the study of male reproduction presented the award to Dr. Wang during its annual meeting April 13 in San Antonio, TX.

Estrogen May Relieve Post-menopausal Joint Pain New Findings from the Women’s Health Initiative

LOS ANGELES – (March 20, 2013) – Post-menopausal women, who often suffer from joint pain, could find some long-term relief by taking estrogen-only medication, according to a new study based on the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) that was released online today by the journal, Menopause.

LA BioMed Physician-Researchers Honored as Top Doctors in U.S. and Southern California Their Clinical Expertise Enhances Research and Ensures Patients Benefit from Discoveries

LOS ANGELES – (March. 13, 2013) – Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center (LA BioMed) announced today that 33 of its physician-researchers rank among America’s Top Doctors and/or among Southern California Super Doctors. The two honors are presented annually, and they are based on recommendations from other physicians and health care professions.

LA BioMed Researchers Identify “Smoking Gun” For Environmental Exposures to Affect Future Generations Grandmother’s Cigarette Habit Could be the Cause of Grandchild’s Asthma

LOS ANGELES – (March. 4, 2013) – Grandmother’s cigarette smoking could be responsible for her grandchild’s asthma, and the recent discovery of this multi-generational transmission of disease suggests the environmental factors experienced today could determine the health of family members for generations to come, two Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute (LA BioMed) lead researchers write in the March edition of Review of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

New LA BioMed Research Identifies Effective Treatment For Common Gynecological Problem Study Findings Could Help Women Suffering from Excessive Uterine Bleeding

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 14, 2013) – New research from the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute (LA BioMed) found a progestogen-only treatment halted bleeding in women suffering from extremely heavy periods, according to the study published online by the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Renowned Medical Genetics Pioneer to Join LA BioMed Faculty Jerome I. Rotter, MD, brings a Team of Experts to Establish a New Institute Focused on Improving the Health of the Diverse Communities Served by LA BioMed and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 14, 2013) – Jerome I. Rotter, MD, a pioneer in the field of medical genetics, is joining the faculty at Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute (LA BioMed) and bringing a team of experts to found a new institute focused on improving the health of the diverse communities served by LA BioMed and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, David I. Meyer, PhD, LA BioMed president and CEO, announced today.

Novel Approaches Needed to End Growing Scourge of “Superbugs” LA BioMed Researcher calls for New Understanding of Antibiotic Resistance and Disease

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 23, 2013) – With the rising awareness of the so-called “superbugs,” bacteria that are resistant to most known antibiotics, three infectious disease experts writing in the Jan. 24 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine called for novel approaches based on a “reconceptualization of the nature of resistance, disease and prevention.”

Research Offers Promising New Finding for Therapies to Treat Persistent Seizures in Epileptic Patients LA BioMed Researcher Says Study Identified New Potential Site for Medications to Target

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 16, 2013) – In a promising finding for epileptic patients suffering from persistent seizures known as status epilepticus, researchers reported today that new medication could help halt these devastating seizures. To do so, it would have to work directly to antagonize NMDA receptors, the predominant molecular device for controlling synaptic activity and memory function in the brain.

LA BioMed recognized for high standards of clinical trials

LA BioMed was recently accredited for various research programs. Dr. Matthew Budoff is leading one such study on testosterone and its effect on the hearts of patients. (Robert Casillas / Staff Photographer)
Carlos Portillo visited LA BioMed this week, just as he has done regularly for two years, for a round of blood tests and probing questions.

Portillo, who is HIV-positive, is participating in one of the research center’s 200 ongoing clinical trials, testing a combination of medications so doctors can determine what pairings work best.

Chemical Found in Plastic May Put Kids at Risk of Kidney, Heart Disease

Bisphenol A, better known as BPA, was recently banned in baby bottles but the FDA stopped short of completely nixing the chemical.

A common chemical found in the lining of water bottles, aluminum cans and other food packaging may put children at risk of developing kidney and heart disease, according to a study from the NYU School of Medicine.

Researchers analyzed data on more than 700 children, focusing on the amount of Bisphenol A, better known as BPA, in their urine.