What we do
at LA BioMed

If you have had your cholesterol tested, gotten a heart scan, been treated by paramedics, had your newborn tested for thyroid deficiency, or undergone surgery to repair an artery, you have benefitted from research conducted at LA BioMed.

Our discoveries have prevented blindness in newborns, enabled premature infants with fragile lungs to breathe, and allowed children with hereditary diseases to grow up healthy and strong.

We are one of the few non-profit medical research institutes to be located on the same campus and to partner with a prestigious community-based academic medical hospital – Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

This vital link connects the laboratory, clinic, and community – a purpose that resides at the heart of our mission.

It is often said, “someday they will find a way.” When it comes to discovery science that drives medical breakthroughs, “They” are here at LA BioMed –

LA BioMed Investigators


The discoveries make a difference in the lives of people around the globe

Clinical Trials


LA BioMed is involved in many clinical trials to bring basic research to clinical application

Technology Transfer


LA BioMed is a catalyst for innovation, creating practical solutions to pressing medical problems.