Mission Moment

Transforming today’s research into tomorrow’s cures.


Creating innovative solutions for healthcare through biomedical discovery, fostering researchers of tomorrow and promoting wellness.


To achieve a collaborative scientific environment where pioneering research is conducted and discoveries are translated into novel approached to disease prevention and treatment for the improvement of health of all.

Our Commitment

LA BioMed is committed to finding practical, inexpensive solutions to real-world health problems. Our organization has been serving the citizens of the world with pioneering and innovative research that led to countless diagnostics, devices and therapies. We are dedicated to our community and will continue to serve as a model for local, national and international health and wellness advancements far into the future.

Brand Positioning Statement

Imagine a world without paramedics or the cholesterol test. Then you’re imagining a world without LA BioMed. An independent research institute with a collaborative culture, we understand that different perspectives can lead to unexpected discoveries. Discoveries that save and change lives.